Official Star Wars™ voices now available for Garmin navigation devices

You can unleash the Force with Darth Vader & Yoda on your  Garmin GPS, for just for $12.99: get them from from, and Best Buy stores.

As well as the signature breathing and menacing navigation commentary, the inclusion of original Star Wars sound effects – including TIE fighters and lightsabers – as well as John Williams’ unforgettable Imperial March music will make every journey with Darth Vader a truly thrilling experience.

Darth Vader provides navigation guidance for drivers, such as: “Proceed to the highlighted route. Your destiny lies with me; Obi-wan knew this to be true”.

The voice of Yoda features the Jedi Master’s characteristic speech patterns, paired with dialogue from Obi-Wan Kenobi taken straight from the classic films. Endeavoring to instruct drivers and passengers alike in the ways of the Force, Yoda’s sage guidance will guarantee an inspiring and fun road trip for all.

Both voices feature fully randomized navigation dialogue, ensuring that Garmin drivers and passengers will hear a wide variety of different phrases and sound effects on every journey. The voices also come with a stunning 3D map icon to provide an authentic Star Wars visual experience, complementing the audio delights on offer.

The Garmin Star Wars voices are available in English from and for $12.99.

To preview the Darth Vader voice visit