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Official Star Wars™ voices now available for Garmin navigation devices

You can unleash the Force with Darth Vader & Yoda on your  Garmin GPS, for just for $12.99: get them from from, and Best Buy stores. As well as the signature breathing and menacing navigation commentary, the inclusion of original Star Wars sound effects – including TIE fighters and lightsabers – as well [...]

Mr. Burns voice now on TomTom

The voice of C. Montgomery Burns, the evil, ancient, money-grubbing overlord of Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant, is now available for your TomTom device. Just make sure you follow his every command or he’ll release the hounds! Excellent. Mr. Burns was created by Locutio in association with Fox Licensing & Merchandising and Gracie Films. The voice was [...]

Official Star Wars™ Voices on TomTom GPS

May 4th 2010: Locutio launches Star Wars GPS voices in partnership with Lucas Film and TomTom. May 4th Be With You!